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New Normal

I have no clue how long the Covid-19 pandemic will last. And more importantly, I have no control over it.

However, I have complete control over my actions and contributions to this “New Normal”. I’ll be sharing my thoughts and strategies used here.

“I have no interest in merely surviving Covid-19. My goal is for all areas of my life to thrive despite it.”

1. Discussions

I’m a firm believer that all anxiety and stress can be traced back to a conversation that needs to be had, but that has not taken place.

Having open discussions and gathering input from those around us will be just as important to life in the New Normal.

2. Plans

Having had the needed (and definitely uncomfortable) discussions, we can next begin to create plans for living in the New Normal.

These will include approaches to work and play that will allow both to not only continue on, but to thrive.

3. Habits (rules)

As discussions and plans are created, it’s also going to be important to identify new or modify existing habits or rules to how we interact.

One key rule will be to allow each other a bit more “grace & space”. Things will be weird for all of us, so helping each other out as much as possible will expedite the adjustment process.