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3. Habits (rules)

As discussions and plans are created, it’s also going to be important to identify new or modify existing habits or rules to how we interact.

One key rule will be to allow each other a bit more “grace & space”. Things will be weird for all of us, so helping each other out as much as possible will expedite the adjustment process.

Grace & Space

The one habit that stands above all is the idea of “grace & space”. We’re going to be interacting in closer confines and it’s going natural to become more easily annoyed with the behaviors of those around us.

We need to remember that we will also be the ones doing the annoying at times and that we all need to deploy grace and patience.

Additionally, we’ll need to manufacture “space” or time to be alone that we typically got through some other outlet. By working together, we can each have a time for “space” which will make the time together better.

Cleaning Up

We’re going to be living and working from home much more often. In doing so, the lines become messy.

One thing I know from experience that helps is keeping areas clean and tidy. It eliminates the distractions and allows better focus on the things we are doing.